Thwip!’s TV Reviews – The Flash S03E02 This is the darkest timeline.

God I hate the time travel in Flash. it doesnt make sense and it doesnt work and all it does it just amp up unnecessary drama. I always get the feeling that The Flash tv show has a basic idea of time travel and then they go all “wouldn’t it be cool” with it, regardless of how much sense it makes.

Anyways, following the short lived Flashpoint event, which lasted a whopping one episode. This weeks episode tells us we are all living in a post Flashpoint world. And boy o boy are the consequences great – Iris is not talking to her father, Dante is dead and Cisco can’t handle it, there is a new CSI who hates Barry and oh Katelyn might be becoming Killer Frost. Also Diggle has a son now instead of daughter. Maybe there are other implications that we dont know about – particularly with Barry saying everyone who had powers during Flashpoint will get powers in this post Flashpoint world too. New bad guys, y’all. Color me unimpressed with the Rival so far. He feels like a wrestling heel to me. Too much talk and not enough action.

The things I loved though – Vibe and Barry team up. Need more of that. Loved how Jay Garrick slapped Barry right into the 90’s with a bitching Firehouse song playing and told him to stop fucking with the timeline. YES PLEASE! (I think its in retaliation to the writers on Flash going “we dont really understand time travel even as a plot device”) 

The things I hated – The overall stupidity of Barry messing with the timeline and the fact that none of the changes he wrought actually stuck. Iris is talking to her father. Cisco is on his way to forgiving Barry for not changing the timeline to save his father. What we do get is two villains and the dude from Harry Potter.

Overall, another disappointing episode of Flash. The show has been going downhill for a while now and it needs to do something drastic to bring about the awesomeness of season one.

Rating 6/10


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