Thwip! Reviews – All-Star Batman #03

The one thing I am not liking about All-Star Batman is how much it jumps into the action that was promised from the previous issue.  So instead of seeing Batman fight KGBeast, we get the final moments of the battle (it was good, Silver Age fun, but still would rather have had a more drawn-out battle).

There are many things to like about this issue, it is definitely upping the insanity and the action, it brought back Harold, and it characterizes Duke well.  The one thing that this issue was unable to do was provide the connection of Bruce and Harvey in an interesting way.  It has been known that Bruce and Harvey have known each from before, so Snyder needed to bring something new to the table and he does.  Unfortunately, it does not feel like it was worth it.

John Romita’s art had taken some getting to used to, but now it feels like a natural fit for this story.  The larger, blocky style that he is employing for the series is quite nice and makes it very visually distinct from the main, non-“All Star” Batman line.

The “Color Theory” backup story is building up, though once more it feels like we are playing for time as the story is stalling until it can get to the next plot point.  But, the story elements are quite nice and am looking forward to reading it as a oner, start to finish, in one go.  Declan Shelvey and Jordie Bellaire’s artistic output for this chapter is gorgeous and is a real selling point to the story, keeping us readers afloat until we get to the next point in the story.

A solid issue, nothing exceptional, but the fun factor is definitely there.


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