Thwip! Reviews – Dead No More: Clone Conspiracy #1

So here comes the big hyped Spider-man event, “Dead No More” (or is it “Clone Conspiracy”?  I am going to admit that I am a little behind on what Marvel has been announcing lately).

It was…a little sad.

With Peter Parker all of a sudden being on top of the world with his Parker Industries and the Horizon University and all that, seeing him continually blame himself even for a tertiary death is getting annoying.  Peter’s sadness feels like a flimsy plot trigger to start things off.

When the plot gets going, for better or for worse, it does feel like any other Spider-man story.  The “twists” and “cliffhanger” for this issue though felt unearned, though this I blame more on Marvel Press Corps rather than on Slott, since the MPC always like to announce everything before even letting the reader get the issue in their hands.

I am going to keep with the event, but am going to try even harder to avoid Marvel’s announcements, otherwise I am never going to need to read any of the issues.

Jim Cheung’s art was great, feeling like an updated version of classic Spider-Man.

The second/backup story, “The Night I Died,” was a very silly story, further ruining Gwen Stacy’s legacy and putting the blame on a death back on Peter.  If this story really is the reason Gwen appears in the “Clone Conspiracy” event, then a lot of old-school Spider-man fans are going to feel broken hearted.

I am curious as to what’s going on with the story, but not super excited about it.  The artists are pulling out all stops though and their efforts are the real heroic endeavors of these stories.


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