Thwip! Reviews – Great Lakes Avengers #01

I am going to start this review with a caveat, I have been listening to Kirby Krackle’s “Great Lakes Avengers” song on repeat over the past few days (it is such a singable song, that you get swept up in the moment) and so I kind of have some unearned positive feeling towards this comic without even reading it.

(Here’s the song in case you were wondering why)

I will try and be impartial though.

This was a great issue.  Zac Gorman has a fantastic grasp of what made the Great Lakes Avengers so…pathetic but lovable, like a three-legged puppy that isn’t housebroken.  This “welcome to the team” issue was really well paced and well told, helping to establish characters we haven’t seen in a long time and making one wonder what is going to happen.  Out of all the new first issues that Marvel put out this week, this one is by far the best one.

Will Robson’s art is also a good choice for this series.  His art is poppy, bright, beautiful, and detailed.  His art is like a house-style version of Mike Allred, if that makes sense.  It probably doesn’t, but that’s okay, Robson’s art is damn good, I won’t be surprised if they make him a major artist doing the marquee hero titles eventually (though I hope they don’t, want him on GLA as long as possible).

So far the best comic from Marvel’s lineup this week, go out and read it (and listen to Kirby Krackle song too while you are at it).


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