Thwip! Reviews – Mosaic #1

Writer Geoffrey Thorne tries to shake up the Marvel universe with a brand-new character, Mosaic.  If you wanted to boil down what the series is about, it is essentially Quantum Leap but every time he jumps into a new body, he takes some of the experiences with him.

Body-jumping is not a new thing, so Thorne needed to bring something interesting to the table in order to see if it was worth being put into the Marvel Universe, which really does not take to new non-legacy characters very well.

Sad to say, it doesn’t quite work.  I think the problem is that the story is crafted too much like a TV episode, of which Mr. Thorne is a veteran of.  So essentially this chapter reads like the first half of a pilot episode, with the second half resolving everything and then we can get to brass tacks about the character.

So, this first issue did not blow us away or intrigue us or anything.  Once issue #2 comes out, maybe us readers can figure out whether or not we like this new addition.  Unfortunately that long of a wait means that I don’t feel like picking it up next time around.

Khary Randolph’s art is great…but it doesn’t feel like it fits the story, namely because we are unsure as to what the story is going for.  It begins with an arrogant basketball player who doesn’t seem like a team player, gaining the ability to jump from body to body; is he going to learn a lesson?  why is he going to be a hero?  what about basketball?  so many disparate questions and none of them feel important, despite the fact that some of them actually are needed to be known.

Stuart Immonen’s cover is gorgeous by the way.

Mosaic needs to find its legs and fast.  Right now, this was only worth a perusal, but I am hard pressed to find a reason to look forward to the next issue.


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