Thwip! Reviews – Solo #1

So, this popped up in the newsstands, “Solo: The One Man War on Terror.”  Just that headline alone sets you up for a certain type of comic.

And then comes the swerve.

This comic is peak representation of Marvel’s schizophrenia at the moment.  All of the comics that are not associated with the big event(s) that are going on, like Vision, Squirrel Girl, are excellent, well-acclaimed books.  The big, Marvel-universe centric stuff is circling the drain and is seen as soulless cash grabs.

Solo is a product of Marvel trying to stick with regular super-heroics, but then mashing it with the zaniness of Squirrel Girl and other such “fun” comics that people have been enjoying from their line.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stick together.  Once I figured out that Gerry Duggan and Geoffrey Thorne (a second appearance in this week’s reviews, hope that isn’t a sign of the times) were going for a light-hearted book, despite the tagline of Solo, then it became a more palatable read.  Unfortunately, it didn’t make for a good read, with everything seeming to be, “hehehe, kids will love this…” but no, kids will feel like it is pandering.

Paco Diaz’s art is fine, though very reminiscent of the art style that Malibu Comics had back in the day (which makes sense, Malibu was bought by Marvel in the end), but it is not my favorite style and so his work kind of fell on blind eyes so to speak.

All in all, despite all the negatives in the review, I would rather read Solo #2 than the next issue of Mosaic at the moment, so take that as you will.


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