Thwip!’s TV Reviews – Arrow S05E02 – “The Recruits”

Alright, before we head off into comics, I decided to watch the latest episode of Arrow first.

Boy was it all over the place.

First thing, I really do like how Arrow is trying to shake up their old status quo but without actually being too radical.  What the TV people are doing is essentially what James Tynion IV has been doing for Detective Comics – just with an eye towards CW-style drama and a TV writing lens, which hurts it.

With Olly trying to recruit a new group, we get a really unusual reference – to Kishimoto’s manga/anime Naruto, specifically the first time Team 7 gets together and trains with Kakashi.  Some may hate it, some may call it a rip-off, but I find it nice that they are pulling in references from places other than the usual (like Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, those references are way too overdone, I am looking at you Mad Hatter!).  The training sequence and the flashback sequences to Russia were well done, it is building up intrigue and makes us, the viewer, want to tune in next week to see where they go next.

The rest of the mayoral drama is pretty standard fare, definitely not West Wing, but it is serviceable and helps to chug along from point A to B.  I will admit that everyone is really doing well with what they are given, the dialogue can be cringe-worthy, but the cast really sell what they are saying and I gotta give them props for them.


The biggest disappointment so far has been Ragman and Prometheus, not because of the characters (though I don’t care much for either of them, but will live with it), but their costumes.  Ragman’s especially looks more like a bad costume bought from a shop rather than something paid professionals put together for a TV show: – THE RAGS LOOK PLASTIC!

Prometheus’s costume also looks junky, but there might be a reason for it, so will put a pin on that rant for now.

Basically, Arrow is a perfectly decent show and this episode showed why.  I am on board with what is going on and hope that they can pull off a good storyline and season.


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