Thwip!’s TV Recap – Legends of Tomorrow S02E01 – “Out of Time”

So Legends of Tomorrow is back and it is still campy as ever, which really is its charm.  The episode has Heatwave, Mick Rory, giving us a flashback to Oliver Queen (who managed to take some time away from being Mayor to…GO DEEP SEA DIVING?  Must be a Bangla-town)

Anyways, so the story(ies) that Heatwave weaves as he tells what the team of Atom, Firestorm, Rip Hunter, and the White Canary, have been up to since they blew up the Vanishing Point are fun, goofy, and dripping with mystery, which is great.  The first season was flawed mainly because the plot demanded that Vandal Savage survive until the end of the season, so each and every plan that the team were trying to execute during season 1 were already guaranteed to fail.

Season 2 has a blank slate, which means that the writers decided to load it up with hints at a bigger mystery, coupled with a story-of-the-week style format, Legends of Tomorrow is definitely setting itself up to be the lighter show of all the CW-verse shows (seriously, all previews are pointing towards Archie-based Riverdale, to be darker than this show).

With hopefully the JSA coming to hang out with our Legends crew for more than a couple of episodes, this premiere episode seems to be chock-full of fun and campy charm that is reminiscent of Batman ’66 or SyFy shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13.

Also, the best costume of the Justice Society of America is Stargirl so far, the others look a bit like cosplay, rather than a uniform.


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