Thwip!’s Manga Monday -Great Teacher Onizuka

For every time that you feel that your teacher is terrible, boring, or simply very apathetic towards you – go read Great Teacher Onizuka.

Written (and illustrated) by Tooru Fujisawa, it is a story about a young punk who finally decides to stop being a punk and make something with his life.  He decides on being a teacher where he hopes he can meet a nice young female student who will help settle him down (a high school student by the way).

Unfortunately, he is pretty much good for nothing and through circumstances that are unique to Onizuka, he becomes a middle-school teacher (of what, I am not quite sure, nor does it matter).

Onizuka is completely incompetent and a bigger slacker than the problem class that he is sidled with, but he knows how to get right to your heart and is quite possibly immortal (really, at one point he saves a student of his, gets shot five times, takes a national exam and scores perfect on it).

Fujisawa’s art is nothing special…except when it comes to facial expressions, which is pretty much the most important part since pretty much every panel is about someone reacting something insane that Onizuka is up to (he vertical wall runs a building…downwards!)

The story of Onizuka just being who he is is such a draw that you sit back and think, “yeah, I want to become a teacher.”

(Unfortunately, one of us here at Thwip did decide to do that after reading GTO and found out he is sadly a bit too mortal)

A great slice-of-life series that is heart-warming, touching, and fantastically absurd.  Go read it!


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