Thwip! Reviews – Batman #09

Tom King is back (no offense Steve Orlando, but am here for King) and he with Mikel Janin kick off the “I am Suicide” arc beautifully.

Seriously, Mikel Janin kicks ass.

Tom King’s words are haunting, especially the way he writes Bane.  Then we have his portrayal of Batman, who is still a bit broody, but he has hope and determination and all these optimistic qualities that have been missing from Batman for a long long time.  This first issue has Batman walking through Arkham, being a little showcase piece of the who’s who of his Rogue’s Gallery (and, I suspect, to push Janin to the limit).

As Batman walks through the Asylum, we get bits of everything that is Batman: he is intimidating, he is manipulative, he is kind, he is threatening, he is decisive, he is all the worst qualities of man put to the best possible use.

And then there is the cliffhanger, which is a nice little shock (though not sure if the last person revealed to be a part of Batman’s Squad is there due to New 52 events or something that will be explained later).

The one problem I had is how Caucasian Bane looks(ed), I imagine him to have a bit of Latino heritage (since his father is King Snake and his mother a Santa Prisca native [as far as I know]) but hey, we haven’t had a clear look at Bane, so we still have a bit of hope that they haven’t completely white-washed the character.

All in all, this is an intriguing start and we are on board to see what happens next and what will happen when Bat and Bane meet…again?


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