Thwip! Reviews -Infamous Iron Man #01

Alright, I was intrigued by the idea of Doctor Doom doing something.

So I picked this up to see why he is now an Iron Man.

With this first issue Brian Michael Bendis sets up an intriguing story about Doom and his motivations.  While some pieces feel forced, the quiet and deliberate set up of the mystery is done well enough that I kept wanting to turn the page.

The biggest problem with this book is the tone.  Doctor Doom is meant to be an over-the-top, megalomaniacal madman that is outrageously arrogant.  There are two ways to really play with that type of character type, one is to give in to the absurdity and the other is to have it foiled by an ultra-serious backdrop/setting/plot.  Bendis seems to have decided to go for a third way, quiet humor.  Unfortunately, that does not quite seem to work and puts the reader off on the wrong foot whenever it happens.  The storytelling choice makes sense, Bendis wants to show a different Doctor Doom who is still the same, but different, but it does not quite gel.

Though to be fair, I do end up being quite harsh towards Bendis, so you should take what I say with a grain of salt.

Alex Maleev’s work is fantastic as per usual, nothing much more can I say about this artist who has been putting out quality work every time he puts pen to page.

It is an okay comic and we are intrigued enough to try out the second issue…


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