Thwip! Reviews – Raven #02

We were quite happy with the tone that Marv Wolfman and Alisson Borges had set up with the first issue of this limited series and so we are back for more.

This time around the story goes full tilt into the mystery, foregoing any more set up about Raven and her surroundings.  This makes sense since the first issue spent some quality time setting it all up so this issue was a good change of pace as Raven is getting kicked up and down and all around by an unknown force.  Her lack of ability in discerning what this mysterious force is though is a bit of a problem, since it apparently kidnaps a whole block full of people at the climax.

The climax, while beautiful and chaotic, is a little difficult to understand.  This seems to show that Borges might still be unsure of her story-telling technique, but other than that it was still gorgeous all around.

So, we are still on board for issue #3, the story is intriguing and the art is beautiful, what more do we need to spur us on to read more comics?


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