Thwip!’s Tomorrow Watch – Legends of Tomorrow S01E02 – “Justice Society of America”

So the team is back and up to crazy time-traveling shenanigans, which mainly deals with annoying a veteran Justice Society of America.

This JSA is slightly different from most known versions, namely having Obsidian, Hourman, Vixen, Doctor Midnite, Stargirl, and of course Commander Steel.

Unfortunately, most of them are under-utilized, making me question why have so many if they don’t even interact that much with either the viewers or the Legends (they could have easily have the JSA be a four man crew of Commander Steel, Vixen, Stargirl, and Hourman).  Anyways.

Save for that weak point (which is actually a pretty major weakness, cause I have a fondness for the JSA, especially Midnite and Hourman and Stargirl), the show was solid, bringing the Legends face-to-face with their problems as a team now that Rip Hunter is currently missing.  So, on that front, in terms of deepening the characters, this show was definitely a win, as it explored the new status quo.  However, as for what are the Legends going to be doing this seasons, we are still kind of stuck as to what is their motivation.  Is it all going to be the mystery of 1942?  Is Rip in 1942?  What about the rest of the Legion of Doom?


It was a solid episode, but it had its weaknesses as it tries to find its footing with the new team(s), so a little disappointing, but the charming goofiness is keeping it afloat for now.


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