Thwip!’s Retro Tuesday – Tsutomu Nihei’s “Snikt”

There are days when you want to read something deep and engaging that will change your outlook on life.

I call those “Craving the Crazy British Men days.”

Then there are those days when you just want to see Wolverine cut through a bunch of bastards.

This is when you reach for that slim volume that is Snikt.

I have no idea what possessed Marvel to get Tsutomu Nihei to do this five issue mini-series, I know that Blame! was big, but did it get that big and I didn’t notice?  Possibly.

But ours is not to reason why, ours is to enjoy the hell out of Nihei’s goddamn gorgeous art.  Taking some design cues from his masterwork that is Blame! (we here at Thwip! will tell you about it one day, as soon as we figure out what the heck it is about), Nihei creates a nightmarish cybernetic world that is just ripe for Wolverine’s adamantium claws (apparently they are only weak to adamantium).  What

So basically this was Enemy of the State before Mark Millar dreamed up that hackfest.

What was really fun about the series was seeing the tiny Wolverine fighting these giant, towering shape-shifting creatures, kind of like seeing a comic-book future-quel of God of War.

It’s quick, it’s fun, and it requires no brain-power or previous knowledge (kind of like your girlfriend).  Trust us, go read Snikt!


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  1. Abdullah Jahed says:

    Any recommended deep and engaging stuff that will change my outlook on life?


    1. thewordistry says:

      The three books we recommend off of the cuff are

      Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
      Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan
      Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles

      If you are looking for something a bit more specific please do message or comment and we will try and help you narrow it down for you


      1. Abdullah Jahed says:

        Done with The Sandman. The other two are already on the list. But I was looking for something perhaps a little more horror-ish, a little more mystical/gothic. Don’t say Swamp Thing, already on it. Manga recommendations would be appreciated too.


      2. thewordistry says:

        For manga, you should read Naoki Urasawa’s stuff, 20th Century Boys, Monster, and Pluto

        For comics there is the Hellboy universe by Mignola and his collaborators, also Scott Snyder Wytches, Haunt, and American Vampire. Also Joe Hill’s work is full of horror (which makes sense since he is the son of Stephen King).

        We will try and put together an extensive lost for you soon though!


  2. Abdullah Jahed says:

    Appreciate the recommendations. And I think I’m gonna stay tuned for the extended list 🙂


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