Thwip!’s Arrow Watch – S05E05 – “Penance”

This week’s episode of Arrow was a little disappointing.

Yeah I kind of wanted to go ahead and spoil my thoughts right at the get-go because it is a trend that all the superhero shows seem to have. From Agents of SHIELD to The Flash, Are guilty of this – other than the overall big conflict (whether it is the mystery of Zoom to what to do about Hive or whatever) these shows don’t want to or perhaps cannot invest in their smaller day-to-day dramas.

This is most especially depressing with Arrow, since it is the senior most of all these shows and so it should have enough cache to not worry about the single episode ratings and work towards good stories.

Basically, it is time for CW to grow up.

This episode of Arrow was focusing on getting Diggle back from Army prison (whether he wanted to be freed or not) and putting Ragman back into action since he quits the team (this is not a spoiler, if you didn’t think that was going to happen then I applaud your naivete).

The Diggle story was building towards something great, especially as last episode had him hallucinating Deadshot and then deciding that he needs to atone for the sin of killing his brother, something that could have gone to a deep, dark place which would solidify the Arrow series as the edgier series. But instead as soon as he says he wants to waste away in prison, he is broken out immediately.

Then we have Ragman and Felicity (whose superpower isn’t genius-level hacking, but the ability to cry people into listening to her) and he doesn’t even sit out an entire episode before coming back to be the enchanted shield that they all were so much waiting for.

The real highlight of the episode is Arrow himself who gets to be a great stern father figure (his flashback sequence was good, better than the rest of the episode at least) and just shows why the show is named after him.

Also, they seriously need to bring back Wildcat.


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