Thwip! Reviews – Batman Beyond #01

I am going to admit this, I pretty much got excited about this series because of Ryan Sook’s cover (for some reason Sook is uncredited in the credits page, I only am assuming it is Sook by the signature).

Anyways, that cover screams out Judge Dredd style insanity, but with Batman in it (and Terry McGinnis has long earned the title of being called Batman, no arguments shall be brooked!).

So here we we are, thrown into the deep end of the Beyond side of the universe, ’cause this is essentially a story of Terry’s return (he apparently died in the Future’s End event, but got better as we see here).  While the exact circumstances of his return is not really revealed, nor is the whole Jokerz situation, enough hints are dropped that does not leave us completely clueless or fumbling around looking for answers.

It is written by Dan Jurgens after all, he knows what he is doing.

This is a solid issue, foreshadowing when necessary, plot developing as is needed, and characterization all over the place.  As soon as I started reading this, I felt comfortable that I understood and was familiar at least the characters that are in play, even if I don’t know all the circumstances with their involvement.

Bernard Chang has nailed down a real nice style of cartoonish colors, mixed in with apocalyptic scenery.  It really does feel like at any moment the Judges of Mega-City One will drop in and save the day (which they don’t, and the world is a bit less awesome since there is no Judge Anderson/Batman Beyond crossover).

Well, my strange crossover fetishes aside, Chang and Jurgens have a real nice relationship in terms of story-telling, with Chang going for great visual callbacks to previous Batman stories from Knightfall to Dark Knight Returns and Jurgens keeping up McGinnis’s inner schtick at that right tone of “mature Spider-man.”

Am really happy with this issue and am hopeful that the next issue will shed some more light to the whole storyline and really suck me back into the Beyond-verse.

Three and a half Thwips! More than enough to swing on!


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