Thwip! Reviews – Blue Beetle #02

Keith Giffen is one tricky bastard of a writer.  He knows that the best teenage super-hero stories, bar none, has been (and most likely will be) Spider-man.  The combination of being the most picked upon teenage geek that has superpowers and still having two of the hottest women in the world chase after you was the ultimate teenage nerd’s dream (it was mine at least).

Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Spider-man 2.0.

This version of Blue Beetle will always live in Spider-man’s shadow and the comic seems to be fine with it, instead just taking cues from the older series and trying to make it its own.

Jaime Reyes is still our reluctant hero, but he is a guy who wants to fulfill his promise to be the Blue Beetle.  So as he grumbles his way through revelations of his personal life and the dead-ends he is facing in solving the mystery, he has to contend with the aggressive affections of a well-meaning ally.

The bumbling reactions of Jaime are spot on as he tries to catch a moment to himself to try and understand how to react to Blur’s flirtations (which also include getting him hit with a truck, but in a nice way).

Basically Giffen can write a

Scott Kolins is a good artist, but there are times when his lines get a bit too loose (maybe he was under hard deadlines, maybe he felt it was a good aesthetic, I am a terrible artist, so don’t want to disparage him).  In short, the art didn’t work as well for me as it did in the previous issues where it feels like he was adapting a cartoon for panels (and that did work).

Pretty decent issue, it was a pause in furthering the heroic side of the series (maybe delaying for Fate’s series to finish and for him to show up in this series without causing continuity problems?), which is fine, but feels too early to do that – cause now I have forgotten what Beetle was doing and why.

Still fun though, three Thwips for everybody!


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