Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics 943

A new story arc has begun, but old problems still fester.  The team is still reeling from the Night of the Monster Men and the loss of Tim Drake, which means it is the perfect time for a new group of villains to wreak havoc.

There are some interesting parallels that this story seems to have with a story line that happened in Tomasi and Gleason’s Batman and Robin series during the New 52 era, but let us hope that Tynion will be able to bring a bit less disposable villains than Tomasi/Gleason did during that storyarc.

The reason why I want the villains to stay is ’cause they look interesting as hell (cheers Alvaro Martinez!).

The shine of this story is really Kate Kane.  She is super-kickass as Batwoman, showing that she isn’t some Bat-fanatic, but a true equal to Bruce Wayne.  As Kate Kane, she is amazing, and it is no wonder that based on how she is being written here that she will be getting a new ongoing (hopefully she will still stay on Detective though, this whole team thing is great).

Characterization is the main deal of the day for this issue, with each of the characters getting moments to shine as actual human beings rather than staying in “hero” mode. I really can’t wait until we get more in-depth with Clayface.

Seriously, Clayface, who knew he could actually be interesting and have some depth to him?

Martinez’s art is this perfection of comics art, large and solid, which is quite fitting for this issue since it is all about focusing on the characters and the way they act as civilians.  The body language he creates for all of them in this issue is fantastic, especially Luke Fox, who really struts his stuff as a confident prick but is really personable at the same time.

Love this issue, four and a half Thwips (it doesn’t get a perfect issue ’cause it only shows JPV and not getting him suited up yet! haha)


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