Thwip! Reviews – Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #01

With the highly anticipated Doctor Strange movie already getting rave reviews, Marvel synergy is back with giving him another title to headline in.

Be warned, it would be best if you were following the current, main Doctor Strange run to enjoy this fully.

I didn’t, so I feel like more characterization could have been given to Strange, especially since I am basically a new/novice when it comes to Doc Strange (my Doctor Strange is Hugo actually, not Stephen).  Strange is quippy, light-hearted, and pretty much the annoying jerk of the rest of the Sorcerers Supreme.  Here, I will give props to Robbie Thompson, who ably and deftly manages to characterize the others quite well and pretty quick to boot.

Unfortunately, it means that he wasted a lot of pages not giving more depth to Strange, since with me reading only this issue, I feel just as familiar with Strange as I do with the other Supremes.

Javier Rodriguez’s art and Jordie Bellaire’s coloring combine to create a psuedo-Mike Allred style that works well with the series and makes me sincerely hope that the new movie is going to be as poppy and colorful as this series was (I and the rest of the crew at Thwip! really hate the muted color palette that is going on in most of the superhero stuff on TV and movies these days).

We are hoping for something more interesting for the second issue, so we give an enthusiastic two and a half Thwips for this debut issue.



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