Thwip! Reviews – Prowler #01

Alright, we here at Thwip! are (sadly) not on board with the Clone Conspiracy event ’cause it feels like another soulless cash grab.

But, we want to review as many comics as we can! We can’t just keep waiting for Marvel to stop events because it looks like that is definitely not happening soon (aren’t there three different events going on right now?  yeah, no thanks Marvel).

Anyways, so we will stick with Clone Conspiracy, but we aren’t following it too closely, we will do our best however.

Let’s move on to Prowler here, alright?

It is actually a pretty decent issue, Sean Ryan introduces the newly reincarnated Prowler quite nicely.  He gives the character motivation, explains where he comes from (blame The Jackal), and then sets up a good enough cliffhanger that I actually want to see what happens next issue.

I am a new fan of Sean Ryan, I hope he can keep it up, ’cause if he writes this well consistently, he will be an A-list writer in no time.

The layouts and art by Javier Saltares and Jamal Campbell (respectively) works well, giving a nice clear art style that reminds me of Otto Schmidt’s work on Green Arrow.

Overall all, a surprisingly nice comic, especially when it comes to it being a tie-in.  Three and a half Thwips! (it would get more but the fact that it is part of CC hurts it).


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