Thwip! Reviews – Vigilante-Southland #01 (of 06)

I am not sure what I was expecting when I picked up this issue.  When I first started flipping through it, I thought it was going to be a DC Comics take on the violence that has been in the news lately of cops and African Americans.

When I read the issue, I found it was a true superhero comic through and through. It was like the Netflix Luke Cage series amping up the heroics and down-playing the Harlem.

The story is fine, very average with the story and the setup, so that means we have to focus on the characterization.  Cary Philips does a solid job in putting together his characters, giving them a nice sense of weight and character to help establish that they are real.  The father is by far the most interesting and I hope he sticks around for an issue or two before he is tragically murdered (we all know it is going to happen, let’s just live with that eventuality).

The art is quite good, grim and gritty that goes with what the story is aiming for.  Though there is one part that completely knocked me for a loop and in a bad way, that is when the main character cuts his hair.  He looks completely different and generic that he sometimes gets lost among the crowd (if one isn’t paying attention, you can easily mix him up with his father, which is not a compliment).  I hope that Elena Casagrande will figure out a way to make him more distinctive and quick.

Perfectly fine issue, it doesn’t really look like it can sustain past six issues and is not even going to try for the moment.  Here’s hoping that three Thwips up is not going to be wasted!


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