Thwip!’s Future Watch – Legends of Tomorrow – S02e03

There is a goofy earnestness that is a part of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that makes it one my favorite shows that is on air at the moment.

It seems all the problems that I pointed out in last week’s episode somehow got addressed with this week’s episode, I really have no idea how they did it.

Take the JSA, who are going to be a part of the entire season I think (and hope).  Instead of having the whole team compete with screentime with the main team, they just had Vixen joining the crew as they do a tribute to the Seven Samurai (kind of, I might be reading a bit too much into it, but live with it).

Then we have the team dynamics.  Sure they are still kind of like weird juveniles playing with giant toys that they don’t know anything about (the premise of the episode was pretty stupid, but quickly forgettable as the story amps up).  Each of the characters get some good lines in and deliver it with such aplomb that you are like, “man, I like these weirdos” (especially with Heatwave hunting ninjas…go watch it, you will understand).

The fights were really good, especially with White Canary strutting her Assassin stuff all over the samurai.

There were so many good moments, that the weird imperialistic overtones of the episode can be forgiven (slightly).

All in all, a huge step up from last week, four and a half Thwips.


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