Thwip! Retro Tuesday – Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Seconds”

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series was highly acclaimed (and rightfully so), so when his next big project was announced, I was eager for it and wanted to be first to read it!

That was years ago (alright, two! but it’s been a long two years for me, alright?) and recently it has been staring at me and so I decided to take it down and read it again.

Man, it’s a good read, but there is one glaring flaw in it.

So what’s good about it?  Katie is a flawed character who you don’t really root for, but the story she gets embroiled in is so compelling, that you don’t mind reading through to the end (and it is a story you can’t put down, every time I pick it up I have to read it in one sitting.

The art is of course gorgeous, O’Malley has a great chibi-manga aesthetic that works well with his Western comics story-telling style.

It is a story about something that we all feel, regret and the want for second chances, which is why it is so compelling despite what a little shit Katie is (hehe).

The one flaw though is that the witch, Lis, is all kind of a late reveal and it feels a bit rushed towards the end. Even the second read through did nothing for me to feel that it isn’t a bit too end heavy…something which worked for Scott Pilgrim, but for a single volume that Seconds is.

Despite its flaw, it is still a great read and one that everyone should check out.

Now on to Snotgirl!


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