Thwip! Review – Detective Comics #944

The second chapter of The Victim Syndicate is a nice slow buildup to a deeper, darker story of what Batman is all about. We mentioned earlier that this is a similar premise to a New 52 Batman and Robin storyline, but this time it the story is taking a really sinister and complex turn.

And it is fantastic, James Tynion IV really is building a really nice story for the whole Batfamily, this time way more Batman focused, but in a good way.

While the overall story is appearing to build to something great, this issue itself was a bit of chess-piece moving, going on to reveal motivations and doing all that foundational work so that the rest of the arc can flow a bit faster. So some may feel that the story was a bit boring or a bit too talky, but it is all for the greater good.

Eddy Barrows once again brings his amazing skills to the table, merging a variety of styles to give each and every character of this issue a very distinct feeling. It is a very interesting take on giving a character a leitmotif (or their own particular font).

Pretty solid issue that is promising some great story elements – four Thwips for all!


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