Thwip! Reviews – All-Star Batman #04

So we here at Thwip! haven’t been too stoked for All-Star Batman, which had this tendency to skip out on all the juicy bits of action (seriously, what happened to Gentleman Ghost?).

But this issue was great.

All-Star Batman has all the things that this series had been promising, action, crazy Batman stuff, bat-chucks, and of course stories about fathers (a Scott Snyder staple).

We last left Batman in a bit of a predicament (which is par usual) but then crazy gadgets that kept popping out of his suit were kind of joyful and amazing to see as he takes down the Talons with crazy insane preparedness. All the while we have this hint of a story that Two-Face has been gabbing on about for the past three issues finally unfold.

And then there is the John Romita Jr. art, which when colored by Jordie Bellaire, is this fantastic testament to Mayan-style art.  It’s ludicrously bright and blocky and it finally all fits together nicely.

Finally is (I am assuming) the conclusion of the backup story, “The Cursed Wheel,” which had a satisfying conclusion. The answers were a bit too obvious, but that’s okay, not everything has to be a mesmerizing read, but they all have to be well-crafted. The story is a good rite of passage story for Duke Thomas and Declan Shalvey does a great job of doing his own version of JrJr’s art for this story, which really works out well (especially that bat-entrance! damn that was gorgeous)

All in all, this was the best issue so far of the series, getting a solid four and a half Thwips out of five.


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