Thwip! Reviews – Mother Panic #01

Mother Panic brings a whole different dimension to Gotham City and it is up to you if you want to read about it.

In this series, we get introduced to a new character, brash, young, and a complete punk(ette) when it comes to fighting crime. Actually, we are not sure if she is there to fight crime, she seems to have a whole different agenda than other Gothamite vigilantes and is carrying way more baggage to boot (which is hard to imagine).

This first issue is all about setting up the atmosphere and how our hero is different from the Bats. For some it may be not interesting to read as an introductory issue, for others it may be a bit of a confusing read, but it has interesting enough hooks for us here at Thwip to at least check out the next issue.

Tommy Lee Edwards art is a bit of a hit or miss for some people, we feel that ol’TLE has done better stuff, but it definitely is interesting to look at and there are some really stand out elements there. Very striking and distinctive work for sure.

The back-up story by Jim Kreuger and Phil Hester was an interesting little tale that is a bit shockingly short. We had to re-read it several times to make sure we didn’t miss anything…and we still pretty sure we did…

All in all, this is a three Thiwp-er of an issue, pretty average, but has potential.


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