Thwip! Reviews – Superwoman #04

With Phil Jimenez focusing more on the script and allowing Emanuela Lupacchino to put her artistic hand in, Superwoman is really shaping up to be an underrated series.

This was a bit of a slower issue, which was needed considering the pace that the first three issues started off explosively and didn’t let up. Now we explore the more quieter implications of some of the revelations that had happened over the three issues, ’cause there was a ton of stuff that were left unresolved (but were discussed and re-framed in this issue).

Emanuela Luppachino’s art is fantastic. While we do not know/recall her previous work, but she has a really good hand with DC’s older house style, which really works ’cause it shows off the beauty of all the women in this series, while not being cheesecake-y or overtly catering to the male gaze.

A shame about that boring cover though.

Three and a half Thwips, we are liking what is going on, but we are feeling a little impatient for this story-arc to end.


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