Thwip! Reviews – Amazing Spider-man – Renew Your Vows #01

As promised, we are trying to stay (and let) Marvel be in good graces by looking at whatever new #1s we can grab – and so we got Amazing Spider-man – Renew Your Vows #01.

Spinning from Secret Wars, this series has old hand Gerry Conway and slightly less old hand Ryan Stegman take up the stories of the Parker family.

It is really good.

This comic reminds us of the things that we enjoy about Spider-man, of why Mary Jane and him belong together (Annie is alright as well, but we don’t like kids), of how Spidey should work juggling everything, but still managing his tight-rope of a life. The way Conway writes, shows why he is recognized as one of the greats of the medium, balancing story-telling and giving the audience what they want in terms of character bits. We kind of wish there were a few more quippery, but maybe Conway didn’t see a chance to put it that will make it seem genuine (or funny).

Then we have Ryan Stegman, whose art is still gorgeous, though this is by far not his best work yet. Still, his art is never anything we would kick out of bed and he really takes it with aplomb.

The backup story by Anthony Holden is adorable and hits all those right points as to why Peter is great as a grown-up, most especially as a dad. Cute, loving, and full of the warmth that is Spider-man, definitely worth the read.


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