Thwip! Reviews – Black Panther – World of Wakanda

This was one dense comic book, which is both a good and a bad thing.

The main story, written by Roxane Gray and featuring art by Alitha Martinez, is a large chunk that explores Wakanda outside of the Black Panther. While Black Panther as a concept is interesting and understandable, I can not claim to say that I was ever interested in Wakanda itself (it is kind of like Metropolis in that regard…or Gorilla City of DC, a one-line note that supplies all we need to know).

I would say that this issue does not really pique my interest. As a story itself it was actually pretty interesting, but it does not feel that the Black Panther element is actually a part of the whole situation (maybe it will later, but right now, he is pretty irrelevant). The Dora Milaje and this particular issue in itself seems to tread very heavily on the ideas of Amazons and Wonder Woman. The influence is kind of obvious, which kind of taints the whole issue, as it seems like Marvel’s attempt to cannibalize and capitalize on Wonder Woman’s success.

Maybe we are reading too much into it.

Martinez’s art is really solid, giving a little spin on Marvel’s house style. She(?) still needs to work on her fighting language, some of it was a little sloppy, but everything else was great.

The second story was a bit of world building, over what is the (possible…maybe? we didn’t pay much attention to the text-matter that led up the series) villain of the main story. It hinted at a lot of things, but didn’t provide enough legs for us to be interested quite yet.

All in all, about three Thwips for this issue…


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