Thwip! Reviews – Invincible Iron Man #01

From the depths of controversy comes Tony Stark’s replacement and this is where it all begins (more or less)…

While the issue is all perfectly serviceable, it feels all unfortunately one note. This is a Brian Michael Bendis comic, plain and simple, which is kind of a little disappointing. Brian Michael Bendis (or BMB as we like to call him) is actually a very good writer. But with the way he has been writing as of late, he feels like he has stagnated into a quippy, Buffy-lite style of writing. None of the characters he writes can be differentiated from each other and even his story points are one-dimensional. If we read this issue, it has all the bits and pieces that are typical of a superhero story – outsider, tragic past, quips, and then a mentor.

While some writers can pull off interesting things with even the most basic of superhero stories, we aren’t convinced by this first major outing of RiRi.

Stefano Caselli’s art is good, perfectly in-like with Marvel house style. We are pretty happy with his work and can’t wait until he gets to draw a full Iron Man style armor, should be bright and poppy.

A shame about that boring cover though.

All in all, a very average two and a half Thwips for this debut…


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