Thwip! Reviews – The Clone Conspiracy #02

So the second issue of the Spidey event and it actually brings about some intriguing ideas.

This is a far better (though extremely ludicrous) situation than was expected, with the Jackal’s plans basically being a tongue-in-cheek response to Peter feeling overly guilty about things (seriously, we complained about how stupid his response to the death from the previous issue was, here at least Slott seems to recognize how silly it was).

This was an issue filled with set up for the bigger picture, so it was a bit talky-talky, which actually fit the pacing since the first issue was all *DUN-DUN-DUN* revelations every page.

This time the revelations and the explanations are nicely balanced and makes for a more readable issue.

Jim Cheung’s art is fantastic, he is really making his mark in this series, and we are really expectant over what he is going to bring when the big action scenes are going to come. Seriously, so gorgeous…

While we still don’t care for revisiting clones and Spider-man, this is a better issue than the first one of this event, four Thwips!


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