Thwip!’s Retro Tuesday – Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba’s “Two Brothers”

Moon and Ba’s adaption of Two Brothers is a showcase for how literary comics can be. The story is a complicated mess of brotherly rivalry gone too far.

It is kind of hard to explain the story itself, as it follows Omar and Yaqub over their years. The story is frighteningly compelling, forcing the reader to read in-between the lines as we try to parse what happened and what is happening. The story switches focal points quickly and without warning, but not in a confusing way. Rather it is more of a mental exercise for the reader, causing the reader to work to enjoy the story (in a good way, trust me, it makes sense).

Of course the big thing is the art by two brothers, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. The graphic novel is all in black and white, filled with gorgeous details, all thanks to the careful of the Ba and Moon. The quiet scenes that pepper the book are the most telling when it comes to graphic storytelling, it allows the reader to breathe in the setting and fill in for themselves where the narration would have been.

Two Brothers is a great read on its own and this graphic novel adaptation is a brilliant testament to what comic artists can do that is beyond the superhero genre.


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