Thwip! Reviews – Batman #11

Today we sing the praises of Mikel  Janin.

Tom King has had his day in the sun, but while we have been saying that Janin’s art is great, this issue shows that it is goddamn exceptional.

So today, we say, thank you Mr. King, you did a good job, but today we shall talk about your compatriot, Mikel Janin.

‘Cause damn, this issue is gorgeous.

The sequences that Janin brings, such as the Batman/Catwoman chase in the beginning of the issue – magnificent! The body language he imparts on to Wesker (the Ventriloquist) – superb! The gorgeous lines and angles he chooses for each frame – fantastic!

This comic makes me wish I knew more art terms to be able to explain how fantastic the art is in this issue.

Also, June Chung is a great colorist, picking this really luscious bold color palette that serves to highlight Janin’s art.

Oh yeah, the story is also really well-paced, am enjoying it better than the first arc with Gotham/Gotham Girl.


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