Thwip! Reviews – Superman #11

Much like the Dinosaur Island storyline before this, this quick two-parter of a series is just oozing charm and fun.

Gleason and Tomasi really made their presence known in the New 52 series, Batman and Robin, which was fantastic. With this new Superman series, they are showing that they are not a fluke and they know how to write good father/son stories.

They basically make us want to have kids. But then we look outside our windows, see all the real snot-nosed brats out there and we go back to reading comic books.

This series is essentially a pilot to the Super-sons series that is coming out soon (we think January?) and all I can say is that if they can maintain this level of story-telling, it is going to be a great series.

This issue, however, felt a bit too rushed towards the conclusion, and I think all of us readers would have been happy with another issue or two to have the two boys to (try) and work together.

But hey, we will take what we can get, this was a good story, and Tomasi/Gleason are the most underrated superstars that DC has at the moment…this series proves it.

(Also, Goliath saluting Superman was cute as hell, we cannot wait for him and Krypto teaming up for a super-pets story)


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