Thwip! Reviews – Chew #60

Normally we try to review the beginnings of series, but this is a special case.

Yes my friends, Chew has ended.

While Issue 59 was a heart-breaker, we wondered how Rob Guillory and John Layman would send off their strange little comic.

It was a little viking funeral of an issue, everything in a boat and then set on fire (but in a good way).

There are many call-backs to previous issues and lots of nods to all the things that we loved.

And then there is that final page.

You turn to it and you are like, “oh shit.” And that’s all we will ever know. I don’t want to know anything more beyond what happens in that final page, ’cause it should be that crystalline-moment of pure Chew-ness.

Some may of course hate it, but, if you sit back and think about it, this issue needed to end with a reminder of all that we had gone through in this series. We already cried all of our tears in the previous issues, and so this issue needed to be a swansong to it.

I loved it, I can’t wait to finish collecting the series in the Omnivore editions that I am going for.

So yeah, Chew is finished, if you haven’t read it before, go read it, believe me, trust me, it had began well, and it certainly ended well.

Thwip on Guillory and Layman – we can’t wait for your new collaboration when it arrives.


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