Thwip! Reviews – Detective Comics #945

The third chapter of “The Victim Syndicate” is all about the problems of being Batman.

Namely he is known as a paranoid asshole that has pretty much alienated everyone (except Batwoman…for now).

This issue was a good showcasing of James Tynion IV’s writing skills, laying out emotional beats with all the characters, most especially Spoiler. The problems that have been surfacing with the “death” of Tim Drake finally have erupted and Spoiler is the one bringing it all to the surface.

The Victim Syndicate’s plan runs deep and subtle in this issue and it is hinting that the payoff for this storyline is going to be monumentally heart-stirring.

So JTIV is running high, but he has to stick the landing to ensure that he continues his hot streak with this series.

The art in this issue was serviceable at best, and problematic at other times. It is what happens when three artists have to work on it, which is a bad sign in many ways. The big problem is that none of the artists, Al Barrionuevo, Carmen Carnero, and Scott Hanna have differing styles that make the transitions from artist to artist to be jarring and takes the reader out of the series. Unlike regular artist Eddy Barrows who uses different art styles with each character, these did not have the same uniformity that Barrows’s art had.

I would have said “HELL YEAH” when Jean-Paul Valley came back into Azrael mode…but the way the sword was drawn annoyed me, someone was unsure how to draw swords it seems…

A sad three Thwips for this issue…we are still hopeful storyline, but we weren’t a big fan of this chapter.


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