Thwip! Reviews – Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #02

So after the whirlwind of a first issue, we got Doc Strange and his Sorcerers Supreme cohorts trying to deal with the loss of Merlin (spoiler alert: those who know Merlin, know he can’t die…if you didn’t know that – oh well, now you know).

You know, as I turned the pages, I realized that I really enjoy the art style of Javier Rodriguez, it’s bright and bold and large, which plays really well with this series, which itself is thankfully not a “grim and gritty” series. Also, towards the end, a slight trippiness to the artwork comes out which feels like a callback to the old-school Doctor Strange comics, a welcome nod I must say.

Also, the Mindful One is awesome.

Yes, I am

As for the story…well, it still feels like Robbie Thompson is still building his little deck of cards for the story and it kind of is annoying. You know what it feels like? It feels like a Final Fantasy game, you are level 1, and you are currently being accompanied by a guest character who far outstrips you in power and skill – so you see who you can be, but it still is so far away. We hope it all pays off though, ’cause otherwise this will be a giant bust of a series.

So yeah, we are still on-board, but mainly because of Rodriguez’s art than Thompson’s story for now.


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