Thwip! Reviews – Vigilante – Southland #02

With this issue of Vigilante – Southland, we get a bit more of a bigger picture as to how this series is meant to play out in the greater DC Universe.

Mainly, it isn’t

Which is fine, this series is off to do its own thing – a hard-boiled story that is going to get grimy.

So now that that’s out of the way, we need to think about how was this issue…

It was pretty decent really, playing out like a good second half of a two-episode pilot, you can really see how much the writing is informed by TV style story-telling. The characters are all still playing true to their one-note depictions, but this time instead of fleshing them out, Cary Philips focused more on putting the story forward, which is done well enough.

Elena Casagrande’s art is the star of the issue, which is solid and has a really nice aesthetic to it. She kind of reminds me of a less shadow-heavy Eduardo Risso (there is probably a better artist to compare her(?) to, but cannot think of one off of the top of my head).

This is a solid series that I can’t wait to “tune in” for next week (actually, month)


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