Back in the day, Wildstorm was a big deal. With teams and books like The Authority, StormWatch, WildC.A.T.S, Gen13 and Wetworks – it was “extreme”  in the 90s done right (Although to be fair Jim Lee did create Wildstorm as an Image imprint, so probably credit to Image for that) . Anti-heroes, violence, gore, sex Wildstorm had it all. So when DC bought it off Jim Lee and Image, they tasked Warren Ellis to create a follow up team to StormWatch from the Image Era – to mark the DC take over. Enter The Authority. A while later Ellis created the Planetary – which is still the greatest love letter anyone has ever written to comics. Wildstorm had an imprint that allowed Alan Moore to some amazing stuff too. Bottom line is Wildstorm had great characters. They were stand ins for JLA in a way but they were the darker cousins of JLA. Characters like Jenny Sparks, Apollo, Midnighter, Zealot, Majestic were amazing dark versions of our more lighter and goodie two shooey JLA.

And thats the angle DreamWar is going after.

What would happen in the JLA, Teen Titans and Legion ever saw this world, one that is such a dark mirror of themselves? Needless to say chaos breaks out. The DC heroes can’t let this madness go on. They decide to take matters into their own hands and we see battles we didn’t really know we wanted but can’t unsee now.

It’s not a complicated plot by any means, pretty simple and easy to follow and the best thing is if you have never read Wildstorm, it will want to make you pick them up. Ellis is a master of characters and he has created some doozies as part of Wildstorm.

The story has a so many cool fights. Batman vs Zealot. Majestic vs Superman. AN ARMY OF AMAZONS VS AN ARMY OF FUCKING VAMPIRES. Well, just vampires. Not engaged in sexual intercourse vampires. You know what I mean.

There is a cameo that I didnt expect, that ended in a way that I didn’t expect.

The art is by Lee Garbett- and is very reminiscent of the more famous Lee. Keith Giffen creates  serviceable story which gives our heroes the platform to take each others heads off (hahahahahahah…ahem).

Wildstorm is coming back, in the hands of Warren Ellis. And if that name means anything to you – and if it doesn’t, fuck you – this crossover event could be a great jumping on point. The Wildstorm universe was great. A cross section marriage of the Marvel and DC universe and I for one cannot wait to dive back in.


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