Thwip!’s There Will Be Spoilers Review – Officer Downe

There is so much to say about this movie, it’s kind of funny (that fact, the movie itself…well, read on and find out).

Based on the graphic novel by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham, Officer Downe is proof that you can make a comic book movie using a shoestring budget.

It’s not a bad thing, actually, just that the movie seems to run off the premise that it is going to be campy as hell, so you gotta be prepared for a wild ride.

This movie can be easily described as Robocop meets Butcher Baker (another Joe Casey comic) and runs off of the over-the-top goriness that both of those have. As a directorial debut by Shawn Crahan, the second drummer of Slipknot, it actually is pretty good. He came in with a vision for he wanted the movie to be and executed it to the hilt.

The movie itself looks like someone had some cash to burn, got high, rented a warehouse, and just filmed everyone doing their thing. Then someone downloaded a pirated copy of Adobe After Effects and just went to town on the footage.

There are so many things that go on in this movie, the winks and nods to other franchises and references to everything else. Take, for instance, Zen Master Flash is obviously a nod to the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan…and his final demise is reference is to the old-school kung-fu/manga movie “The Story of Ricky.”

What I am saying is that the allusions are deep cut people, which is one of the primary joys of watching it.

Everything about this movie is fine/forgiveable/palatable – except for the sound. While for ZMF it is obvious it is making fun of bad dubbing, everyone else sounds dubbed as well, it becomes a disconcerting feeling while watching.

If you got some time to kill, some substances to help you feel especially chill, this is a good movie to waste a few hours with (about ninety minutes actually, which is juuuuuust about right length for this movie).


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