Thwip! Reviews – Jughead #11

Oh man, this was a nice conclusion to a very strange (in a good way) story about Jughead and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

This issue shows that Ryan North knows comics. AND his style really works well with Jughead.

(Derek Charm helps as well)

Anyways, so why am I praising North? Well, it’s cause this story is really well told. It kept Jughead strange, funny, and always a winner (despite some circumstances). Also, the tale that was crafted for Sabrina was kind of fun too, making me want a good Sabrina comic back on the stands (The Chilling Tales of Sabrina doesn’t count, ’cause it comes out so infrequently). Anyways, this story is fantastic in that it still has Ryan North’s footnotes (I love footnotes afterall), Jughead being Jughead, and a nice bit of character development for Sabrina. Despite the goofiness (again, this is a good thing), it is a really well-crafted piece of comic.

Derek Charm’s soft style is pretty awesome. For a while I didn’t think it was going to work, but it has grown on me and I find myself drawn towards his drawing style. It obviously won’t work for everything (though I would love to read his version of Batman…I mean there is a Dan DeCarlo Batgirl story, why not a Derek Charm Batman?) but for this, he really reflects the insanity (the good type) that North is bringing to the table, while at the same time keeping it accessible and clean.

Four and a half Thwips for the issue (mainly ’cause I don’t believe that Reggie would have helped Jughead catch Hot Dog, big fail there North!)


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