Thwip! Reviews – Superman Annual #1

An (almost) classic Superman style of story.

It was glorious, a great callback to who Superman is supposed to be, and who this Superman is.

The story is simple enough, this Swamp Thing has discovered that the current Superman is kind of messing with the Earth (unconsciously) and so we gotta do something about it.

The “conversation” that Swamp Thing and Superman eventually has is a reminder of what the concept of Superman is meant to be, and also shows that Gleason and Tomasi know exactly what they are doing with their take on Superman. There is a great kindness to this entire issue, especially considering that there is a gigantic fight between the Green and big ol’Blue. But it all works well, and the resolution is a reminder that THIS is the Superman we all want and need (and not Zack Snyder’s version).

Jorge Jimenez’s art is another gorgeous little piece of comic. I am kind of surprised at how many great artists that DC Comics seems to have hidden in their roster, and also glad that they are allowing these artists to let them shine. Jimenez’s style for Swamp Thing is so beautiful and mesmerizing, I sometimes forgot to turn the page because I was just looking at the art.

Great story, great art (for the most part, there is this one page that was kind of off-style), but all in all great times were had…Four and a half Thwips for Supes and his super team.


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