Thwip! Reviews – Ghost Rider #01

Ah Robbie Reyes, a guy no one remembers is/was Ghost Rider until the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tv show brought up from obscurity. It is a good thing that Marvel decided to show off his comic book chops with a new series this week.

Written by Felipe Smith and featuring the art by Danilo Beyruth, we get a whole lot of…set up. Not really great set up either, as it has a series of events that are seemingly random, but not questionable enough for us to be intrigued, especially with the last second reveal. Instead all we are left with are exclamatory questions such as, WHAT? WHY? HER? The problem with the story and its revelations feels like the issue cannot stand on the strength of Reyes (okay, just going to come right out and tell you, Amadeus Cho and Wolverine/X-23, make appearances) being the Ghost Rider, which is kind of insane.

Danilo’s art is good, nice clean lines and great bit of action art, nothing outstanding, but good art does not need to be if it tells the story well, which is what Beyruth can do.

The backup story with Smith writing and Tradd Moore on art duties was a much better issue. It was also a set up for a future storyline, but it felt complete on its own and established everything so much more ably, making the first story even more of a disappointment. Tradd Moore’s art is pretty oddly not the same style that he is known as, so it was a bit of a shock, but it was good art – though more in line with Danilo/Marvel house style than his own unique spin. It’s cool, as I said before, good art doesn’t always have to be outstanding art, so we can live with it.

Two and a half Thwips for a disappointing main story though…


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