Thwip! Reviews – Great Lakes Avengers #02

Ah the Great Lakes Avengers, you would think they are a joke (and they mainly played to be), but they are just as good as the regular Avengers (mainly ’cause the real Avengers are also quite terrible at what they do, if you ever need help go call the X-Men, really).

So the GL Avengers have the team back together (more or less), but their legal troubles are still not over…plus they have a super-villain on their ass as well!

Zac Gorman seems to have a nice handle on everything that makes the Great Lakes Avengers such a goofy team, but mainly through the absurdities of the situation they find themselves in rather than the characters themselves. So far that is a technique that works for him and so not going to ding him for that…but I hope that we get to feel more for the characters eventually. Anyways, Gorman infuses a Deadpool-esque vibe to the series which works well for these barely competent heroes as they take on an (apparently) supernatural villain…who also isn’t afraid of using lawyers either!

Will Robson’s art is luscious and large, giving a great cartoonish vibe to the comic which helps to sell the humor of the issue. I really can’t say much more than that, main thing is that Will Robson really has a good handle with the style and tone he wants to go with for this series.

Four Thwips for the issue, huzzah!


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