Thwip! Watch – DC’s CW Crossover!

Alright, so CW and DC has been touting this mega-crossover to span over the 4 major DC shows that are happening right now, so we here at Thwip are going to talk about it riiiiiiiiight…NOW!

Supergirl: This was basically the prelude chapter, where an actual Supergirl episode plays out (it was an okay episode, nothing outstanding) but all it did was hint at what was coming.

Move on to Flash! (Also, I have said it time and time again, Blake Neely’s motif for Flash is the best, those violins send chills!)

The Flash: Now that was an entrance! Also, this was the first proper chapter for the Invasion.

Oh so many thoughts watching this episode – DRAMA! Delicious drama! It’s a CW show so of course there was going to be drama, and everyone really played their part really well. I was actually caught up in all of the tension between everyone. Also, I don’t know why, but it feels like Stephen Amell ups his awesomeness whenever he is on Flash, ’cause he has this great chemistry with Barry/Grant Gustin (and in this current season of Arrow, that’s saying something, ’cause Arrow has been pretty good this season). Also, poor, poor Diggle. Was a really great done-in-one episode that leads up to the Arrow chapter of the crossover. So far, while I don’t give a real fig about the Dominators, this is pretty much the manual on how to do a crossover event, ’cause everything is laid out, explained, the team chemistry is even built up a little bit, and the story ends, but also has a cliff-hanger as well.

Kudos to the writing team for this chapter (also, once more I must reiterate that Blake Neely’s work on Arrow’s theme is equally great).

So what’s Ollie going to do against this alien menace?

Arrow: This was a weird one. On one hand, a fitting hundredth episode for Arrow, but as a tie-in for the crossover, not so great…it is only used as a framing sequence for the “greatest hits” of the episode. One good thing though is great fight choreography, especially Ollie’s back body drop, hopefully he will have a bigger and better fight against Stardust/Cody Rhodes in the future.

Anyways, we shake off the slight disappointment and move on to the next episode which is the finale, and that is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! (Love that show, sad about not enjoying Blake Neely’s work in this one though, it feels too generic…)

Legends of Tomorrow: The concluding episode of the four-episode crossover, it was…alright, I guess. the real main problem with the episode is that the previous Arrow episode kind of wasted time, and so there was a lot of rushed setup and concluding that needed to be done with this episode. It was well-crafted rushing though, ’cause everyone got a little bit of screentime and managed to make a moment out of it, then we had the resolution (though a bit quick) to the whole thing that felt like everything wrapped up and we don’t have to worry about any *real* fallout over what happened over these episodes, which is good for those who skipped this crossover and are waiting for next week to get back to the shows they are watching.

It seems Flash got the most out of this crossover, with some changes and repercussions sure to be explored over their next episode, the others? I don’t really expect them to say anything at all…

Great inside jokes for this episode, as usual, I have a soft spot for “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!” (Felicity says it, which, she would [or Cisco]).

All in all, this was a good event actually, a bit unbalanced though, but it worked overall and I really hope that they try it again…they don’t have to make it an annual event or anything, but if they want to say, “hey, that was fun, let’s do it!” I would be happy about it.


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