Thwip!’s Retro Tuesday – Batwoman – Elegy

Batwoman’s first major foray in the DC universe was a gorgeous journey of establishing who is the angriest, but most competent of the Bat-family (she is, trust me).

Even though this wasn’t Batwoman’s first appearance in modern day comics (she first appeared during the 52 series as a lead-up to the Final Crisis), this was the first major story that had her as a headliner.

And it was gorgeous.

J.H.Williams III has always been renown for his work (especially on his collaboration with Alan Moore on Promethea), it is his stellar work here that brought him majorly onto my radar. Williams’s art is lush, vibrant, and unique. His layouts and breakdowns are especially unique, couple that with his line work and coloring by the inimitable Dave Stewart, you have such a winning combination that I am surprised your panties have not burst in excitement just reading these words.

Then we have Greg Rucka, one of the great modern day writers who crafts a nice little thriller for Batwoman to get her boots wet in. The plot points are great, since it works to help establish Batwoman in her little niche of the world, a world which looked to be an interesting and weird part of Gotham as well. However, I must say there is a bit of disappointment with the overall story for two reasons. The first is that it doesn’t give enough background to some of the weirder moments in comics, which would have been okay if Batwoman had an ongoing spinning off from this (she was supposed to but this became her only story until the New 52, which took a different direction), but since it doesn’t, you feel a little lost at the end of the story. Secondly is the twist at the end, using a trope which I completely loathe. It is a major twist that I don’t feel like spoiling for you, but Batwoman and the main villain are connected…in a very stupid, very soap opera way.

This is a story I love to revisit for the art, but I can kind of live without the story in the end.


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