Thwip! Reviews – Batman #12

Oooooh, this is boiling up to be the most interesting of story arcs, I must say.

While Bane is at the physical center point of the story arc, these past few issues have been all about Catwoman and what she means to Batman. This is not about their romance, it is actually what drew each other to each other. Tom King crafts a nice brooding, but emotionally deep Batman. This Batman is self-aware, but single-minded. While the punches are flying (and they are flying ALL OVER the place in this issue), his mind is contemplating the mission, the reason for the mission, and what he needs to do to succeed.

It’s such an engrossing read.

Then we have Mikel Janin and June Chung. This art team is so bloody fantastic, with June Chung’s beautiful yellow backgrounding the bluish-gray action that is Mikel Janin’s Batman. Janin’s layouts are these wide-screen split-action beauties that are reminiscent of J.H. Williams III’s art for Batwoman. I was torn between reading King’s brooding text and just ogling the art, it was a hard choice and is the reason why I had to read this issue twice.

The only thing bad about Janin’s art was this one kick that Batman does in midair, it looks…wrong. Anyways, other than that, gorgeous stuff.

Four Thwips, a ridiculously strong four Thwips…


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