Thwip! Reviews – Superman #12

You know what? This cover alone beats everything, let’s all pack up and go home, ’cause the cover’s got it allllllllllllllllllllllll.

Unfortunately, the same can not be said about the issue itself.

It’s not a bad issue, it is just quite a departure from what we have been seeing from this time in Superman. This was a story that is more in-line with an old school, classic Superman story. We have Lois trying to start her new life, unfortunately her attempt seems fraught with unintended danger to the point that Superman needs to intervene.

Frankenstein really needs to use his words more, that’s all I need to say.

Doug Mahnke’s art is superb, very nice classic lines that reminds me of some old Superman stories. I felt really nostalgic looking at the art, all warm and fuzzy. What more can I say about a veteran of the industry? Mahnke knows how to art and he does that art good.

Very solid issue with some weird moments here and there, but no real payoff in the end. Three and a half Thwips for the issue.


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