Thwip!’s Manga Mondays – Air Gear

It’s Monday folks! Which means we talk about a favorite manga of ours and why you all should read it – this week’s Manga Monday is all about Oh! Great’s Air Gear

As I was rummaging through my collection of manga, my eyes fell upon Air Gear and the memories started flooded in.

The first thing you remember is boobs and butts…and you will remember that for a while, ’cause Oh! Great does like his female anatomy (to be fair, he has openly written hentai as well, so I guess there’s that to consider). And he really loves making the most ecchi/hentai design choices whenever he can.

The other thing that I started to remember is the fantastic action sequences of these kids (and adults) use their Air Treks to battle in the air in ludicrous and mesmerizing ways. There was an anime for this series but it really was nothing like the action you find in the series, couldn’t even touch a hair.

The series is about Itsuki Minami (Ikki) and his journey into the world of Air Gear and its dark history. There is a tremendous build-up to the climax and you really are on the edge of your seat as you try and figure out what the hell is going on and how are they going to kick the villain’s ass (the final battle is actually quite good, but…)

The main problem with this series is that it feels quite rushed at the end, though it was fantastic, and a few questions are left in the air, but…

You don’t really feel cheated, you feel more like, “aw man, I was hoping we would learn more about *that*” and then you realize, you kind of didn’t want the journey to end, you want to fly with Ikki, Kogarasumaru, and the rest of the Storm Riders.

And that’s the best compliment I can give the series.


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