Thwip! Reviews – Archie #15

The feels man, the feeeeeeeels!

Mark Waid knows his Archie (obviously, he has written for them before, from back in the day), but now he is off on to unknown territory for the Riverdale crew and he shows that he knows how to update and modernize an American icon.

All ’cause of the feels.

As Archie descends into a grand blue funk over Veronica (and Veronica tries to stave off Cheryl Blossom – which was done in typical Lodge fashion), it is up to the gang to pick up the slack of the heart of their group. Even though the episode has Jughead being the main catalyst for everything, it is still a story about Archie. The story is about who Archie is and what makes him tick, and mostly…about how much he actually does love Veronica.

The Veronica story was good and very Archie Comics style, but somehow grounded in modern-day reality, just it still has the mean, ruthless Mr. Lodge who I can never reconcile with (to me Mr. Lodge is grumpy, but kinder Scrooge McDuck, the guy who doesn’t mind using his money freely for his daughter and her friends…this guy, no, I still can’t imagine him telling Ronnie to bring Betty along to their vacation in Hawaii, not just yet – though his scene with Smithers was a small bright point with Mr. Lodge).

I am glad the Betty tension is taking a backburner and things are developing to try and make a proper hole for Veronica to become a major part of the gang, I can’t wait to see what happens.

I usually am a fan of Joe Eisma’s art, but the rough, loose style didn’t work for me here, feeling more rushed and incomplete than energetic and youthful, ah well, sometimes things just don’t click for the reader. Though I will say that he can do body language beautifully and help to really sell the emotions that the story is trying to evoke.

All in all, an unreserved four Thwips for the issue.


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